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Build Your Own Scalable Online Business with Shopify

E-commerce has changed the game for businesses. With Shopify powering over a million businesses worldwide, it’s clear that online selling is no longer optional; it’s essential.

Shopify stands tall among the e-commerce platforms. Just think: Shopify had over 46.45 million visitors in just half a year, and last year? A whopping 218 million orders. With 2 million active users, Shopify isn’t just a tool; it’s a global force, making up a significant chunk of the world’s e-commerce market.

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Enhance Your Shopify Store’s Visibility with Our SEO Expertise

Want more traffic and sales? Our team is specialized in Shopify SEO. Our mission is simple: boost your store’s visibility and drive sales. Your success is our success, and we’re eager to help you reach your goals.

  • Monitor Your SEO Results with Analytics
  • We drive conversions with persuasive copy and an easy UX.
  • We build trusted content to boost your site’s reputation.
  • We specialize in performance-based keyword research.
  • We develop expert-driven SEO strategies.
  • Results-driven SEO for Shopify strategy
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Our Shopify SEO Process

Your website is more than its looks. For real Shopify success, you need an unbeatable SEO strategy. Let our experts elevate your online store’s presence. We’ll ensure you not only look good but also rank high in search results.

1. Shopify Website Audit

We dive deep into your store’s performance, checking everything from your basic business details to product descriptions. We’re all about setting you up for success.

2. Research and strategy for product keywords

Our team finds the magic words. By understanding your market and crafting keyword strategies, we ensure your products are seen by those who matter.

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3. Shopify Content Writing

Whether it’s product descriptions or engaging blogs, our writers craft content that not only sells but also ranks.

4. Link Building

Boosting your store’s credibility and visibility, our comprehensive link building strategies ensure you’re always top of mind for potential customers.

5. Off-Page Optimization and On-Page Optimization

Your store, fully optimized. From content to social media, our 360-degree approach ensures your Shopify store shines.

6. Technical SEO

Visibility is everything. Our team ensures your store ticks all of Google’s boxes, from site speed to error checks.

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7. Optimizing conversion rates

Every click counts. We refine your website elements, ensuring every visitor is a potential sale.

8. Detailed SEO Reports

Know your growth. Our detailed reports provide insights into your store’s performance, from traffic to rankings. Ready to turbocharge your Shopify store with Kontakt Digital? Let’s chat!

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Are you looking for a comprehensive SEO solution? Kontakt Digital offers a wide range of services including Shopify SEO services to help your business rank higher in search results and track data properly. Contact us today for a free analysis!
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What Our Clients Say

Results is the name of the game, and results is what you get when you work with Dewan and Team. You’re in the best hands here.

Nicholas Li

I have had a great experience using Kontakt Digital for SEO consulting and guidance. The team is always up to date with the latest Google best practices, which is not something I can say for a lot of agencies I have come across. I trust Kontakt for advice on local Vancouver SEO campaigns as well as for broader-reaching SEO strategies.

Sean Wiggins

Lucky for you Dewan is well experienced in digital marketing! His experience provides a clear mix between strategy and long term profitability which is why I highly recommend his services.

Chase Hassen

We are a small business and needed help with online/digital marketing especially as it pertains to Google. Kontakt Digital is a great company to work with. Their honesty and integrity is top-notch. They worked with us within our budget and recommended different approaches to take our online business to the next level.
They treat our business like their own and really spend the time getting to know the business and the people behind the business and have amazing communication. They have been great to work with and I highly recommend working with them for any digital needs.

Brian Simmons

Amazing service and clear communication. Really enjoy the results and also that they’re happy to answer any questions and get me up to speed. Of the thousands of e-commerce/online ad agencies out there, these guys give me 100% trust that I’m getting value. I’ve used so many agencies and none of them hold their part of the bargain like Kontakt does. I recommend them to everyone. 10/10 service and performance. Thanks!

Max Rivest

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