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Uncover opportunities and avoid pitfalls with a competitor social strategy gap analysis

Competitor Analysis Services We Offer for Businesses

Ever wondered how you stack up against the competition? We’re here to help! We take a deep dive into what your competitors are offering, their strengths, and areas they might be lacking in. This gives you a clear picture of where you stand.

With our trusted and budget-friendly competitor analysis, you can get insights into everything your competitors are up to – from their recent advertisements to any big company changes. We find out what works for them and where they might be dropping the ball. Our aim? To give you the edge and help you shine even brighter in the market.

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Improve your marketing by keeping an eye on your competitors

  • Attract potential customers who are genuinely interested in what you offer.
  • Turn casual visitors into dedicated fans of your brand.
  • Turn your website into a magnet for potential clients.
  • Make sure customers find and love your products and services with ease.
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Our Competition Analysis Services

1. Evaluate Products And Services

It will usually be the products or services that generate the most revenues or demonstrate the most significant potential for growth.

2. Identify Direct Competitors

These are the businesses offering pretty much the same thing as you. Think of one burger joint versus another.

Competition analysis service
Competition analysis service

3. Identify Indirect Competitors

These businesses aren’t the same as yours but still cater to your audience. Like how a bakery might compete with a coffee shop.

4. Conduct Competitors Social Strategy Analysis

We’ll scour every social media corner to spot any strategy gaps and see how you fare against top businesses like yours.

5. Investigate Your Competitors Businesses

We’ll check out things like their pricing, delivery methods, new offerings, their loyal customer base, and how they handle customer support.

6. Prepare a Report of the Research findings

Once we gather all the insights, we’ll craft a simple report for you. This will be your roadmap for the next year, showing you how to level up your online presence. And guess what? We’ll even throw in easy-to-understand charts and graphs to show where you stand.

7. Make Recommendations that can be Implemented

Wondering if tweaking a product feature, adjusting your prices, or offering better support might help boost your sales? We’ll offer clear suggestions to help you get even better returns on your investment.

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Are you looking for a comprehensive SEO solution? Kontakt Digital offers a wide range of services including Competition Analysis services to help your business rank higher in search results and track data properly. Contact us today for a free analysis!
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What Our Clients Say

Results is the name of the game, and results is what you get when you work with Dewan and Team. You’re in the best hands here.

Nicholas Li

I have had a great experience using Kontakt Digital for SEO consulting and guidance. The team is always up to date with the latest Google best practices, which is not something I can say for a lot of agencies I have come across. I trust Kontakt for advice on local Vancouver SEO campaigns as well as for broader-reaching SEO strategies.

Sean Wiggins

Lucky for you Dewan is well experienced in digital marketing! His experience provides a clear mix between strategy and long term profitability which is why I highly recommend his services.

Chase Hassen

We are a small business and needed help with online/digital marketing especially as it pertains to Google. Kontakt Digital is a great company to work with. Their honesty and integrity is top-notch. They worked with us within our budget and recommended different approaches to take our online business to the next level.
They treat our business like their own and really spend the time getting to know the business and the people behind the business and have amazing communication. They have been great to work with and I highly recommend working with them for any digital needs.

Brian Simmons

Amazing service and clear communication. Really enjoy the results and also that they’re happy to answer any questions and get me up to speed. Of the thousands of e-commerce/online ad agencies out there, these guys give me 100% trust that I’m getting value. I’ve used so many agencies and none of them hold their part of the bargain like Kontakt does. I recommend them to everyone. 10/10 service and performance. Thanks!

Max Rivest

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