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The problem? To land one backlink, it takes between 15 and 20 HARO pitches.

You will spend hours reading HARO’s daily emails, searching for the right opportunities for your business, and then writing your thoughtful response for nothing. Incorrect formatting, too swift a response, too long a reply, not in the tone the author wants, or too slow a response, nothing will happen.

Don’t worry, and we’ll take care of it. We’ve built HARO links in different countries for more than 50+ clients. Our experienced writers have refined a winning formula for securing backlinks from the world’s top websites.

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Double Your Traffic In Three Months With High DA HARO Links

Get the Top Spot with Our Custom Haro Link-Building Services. Dominate the Results and Claim the Top Spot with Our Custom Haro Link Building Services.

  • Establishing both brand authority and search authority
  • A hands-free solution to secure some of the most valuable, exclusive links
  • Positioning yourself as a leading expert in your field
  • Delivering high-quality, consistent links to clients who expect nothing less
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    Our HARO Link-Building Services Increase Your Website Domain Authority

    1. Onboarding

    Our first step is to set up a consultation to understand your business and areas of expertise better. As a result, we are more likely to earn relevant links. This is the stage in which you let us know what kind of links you need.

    2. Building Quality Backlinks

    With HARO, you can earn many organic links. The journalist will use your response in their article and give you a backlink if they like your response. You don’t need to create long content.

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    3. Achieve higher domain authority

    HARO can increase your website’s domain authority by obtaining links from high-authority websites. It can be done quickly by our experts.

    4. Visibility

    It will naturally increase your website’s visibility if your answer is selected and published in a journalist’s article. It promotes your website and expands your audience to get a backlink from an established website.

    5. Maintaining consistency in links

    HARO provides a platform for building highly qualified backlinks. All you need to do is invest in this technique. With our experience in link-building, our HARO team can help you build 8 to 10 backlinks per month.

    6. Make Effective Replies

    We provide writers with intelligent responses to HARO pitches. Our success rate is incredible because we know what they want and how to pitch writers.

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    Are you looking for a comprehensive SEO solution? Kontakt Digital offers a wide range of services including HARO Link Building services to help your business rank higher in search results and track data properly. Contact us today for a free analysis!
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    What Our Clients Say

    Results is the name of the game, and results is what you get when you work with Dewan and Team. You’re in the best hands here.

    Nicholas Li

    I have had a great experience using Kontakt Digital for SEO consulting and guidance. The team is always up to date with the latest Google best practices, which is not something I can say for a lot of agencies I have come across. I trust Kontakt for advice on local Vancouver SEO campaigns as well as for broader-reaching SEO strategies.

    Sean Wiggins

    Lucky for you Dewan is well experienced in digital marketing! His experience provides a clear mix between strategy and long term profitability which is why I highly recommend his services.

    Chase Hassen

    We are a small business and needed help with online/digital marketing especially as it pertains to Google. Kontakt Digital is a great company to work with. Their honesty and integrity is top-notch. They worked with us within our budget and recommended different approaches to take our online business to the next level.
    They treat our business like their own and really spend the time getting to know the business and the people behind the business and have amazing communication. They have been great to work with and I highly recommend working with them for any digital needs.

    Brian Simmons

    Amazing service and clear communication. Really enjoy the results and also that they’re happy to answer any questions and get me up to speed. Of the thousands of e-commerce/online ad agencies out there, these guys give me 100% trust that I’m getting value. I’ve used so many agencies and none of them hold their part of the bargain like Kontakt does. I recommend them to everyone. 10/10 service and performance. Thanks!

    Max Rivest

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