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Media Strategy

At Kontakt Digital, we understand the value of creating a strong brand. We recognize that social media presence is the backbone of brand development. Our digital marketing consultants will work with you to craft your online persona to best resonate with your target audience.

Establish Core Values

We will begin by consulting with you about your team's core values. In a world full of noise, leading with values will set you apart from the competition.

Determine Ideal Client

We then flesh out your ideal client with you. Which people are the ones that you enjoy working with? The ones that you want to provide value to? Some of us turned to entrepreneurship to work with people that light us up. Now's your chance.

Content Strategy

With your ideal client in mind, we then consult with you on ways to best deliver value to these people. Whichever medium we choose, we will help your team identify the most value dense content you can deliver.

Create and Execute

With the plan in place, we offer strategies for your team to create a social media persona that is intentional and impactful.

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