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    Google Search Console Setup Service

    Google Search Console is a free tool that helps you understand your website’s performance and gives insights into improving it.

    With all of the new ways for people to find you online, it’s important that your website is up-to-date and performing well.

    Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools makes sure this happens by giving analytics on how often visitors come back or whether the landing page successfully captured their attention when clicked through from search results pages – but there are even more features!

    What is Google Search Console?

    Google Search Console is a free Google tool that helps you monitor your website. It can give you insights into your website traffic, indexing, and how Google displays your website in search results.

    Kontakt Google Search Console Services

    We at Kontakt can help you set up a profile and track performance so that important metrics like crawl errors don’t go unnoticed.

    You’ll also receive personalized insights into what parts of your website need work or what content drives traffic most frequently, so we can make sure our marketing strategy reflects these findings as much as possible.

    The metrics in Google Search Console provide a wealth of information on how your website performs. We can help you set up the tool so that it’s easy to track these performance indicators, and we’ll also show what parts need improvement based on our analysis from analyzing reports over time.

    You can use Google Search Console to:

    • Confirm page crawling and indexing
    • Spot errors, like mobile display issues, slow page speed, and more
    • Find queries that drive traffic to a page
    • Monitor page appearances and positions in SERP’s
    • Watch for site security issues
    • Compare page performance over time

    Besides seeing these data, you’ll get new error notifications via mail that will make you aware of the issues that need to be fixed.

    Access Your Reports through Google Search Console

    Google’s Search Console is an excellent tool for managing your company’s online presence. You’ll have access to a wide range of features and reports, including the ability to inspect –

    1. Overview of your website or property.
    2. Performance to check the execution of your website in-depth.
    3. URL Inspection.

    Besides these three core reports, you can also access other reports. Such as –

    • Coverage
    • Sitemaps
    • Mobile Usability
    • AMP
    • Rich Result Status
    • Summary of manual actions against your site and potential fixes
    • Security Issues
    • Links

    Ready To Take The Next Step?

    How does Google Search Console help SEO?

    Google Search Console can help with your SEO efforts in a few ways. First, it can help you track your website’s search engine visibility and rankings. It can also help you identify errors that Google encounters when trying to crawl and index your website. Finally, it provides detailed insights into how people find your website and what they’re clicking on once they get there.

    Is Google Search Console the same as Google Analytics?

    No, Google Search Console and Google Analytics are separate tools. Google Search Console provides insights into how Google displays your website in search results, while Google Analytics provides insights into your website traffic and audience.

    Why Hire An Agency Instead Of Using a freelancer or Setting It Up Yourself?

    Google Search Console is a valuable free tool that all website owners should be using. However, setting it up correctly can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s where Google Search Console Setup Services come in.

    An agency can help you set up Google Search Console correctly and efficiently, so you can start getting the most out of the tool. They can also help you interpret the data and insights you get from Google Search Console to make informed decisions about your website and marketing strategy.

    In short, hiring an agency to set up Google Search Console for you is a wise investment that will pay off in the long run. So if you’re thinking about using Google Search Console, or have already started but haven’t had much success, consider hiring an agency to help you out.

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