About Dewan Bayney

Dewan Bayney is a self-made entrepreneur, online property developer, investor, and student.

Over the last decade, Dewan has built, owned, and sold multiple businesses ranging from a Recording label, SaaS company, SEO agency, Publishing company, and Event company, and he has mentored multiple 7-figure business owners.

Dewan started as an online property developer which has affected his business decisions as a whole. The reason why he built an SEO agency is that you build the assets once, and it serves as a digital real estate on platforms like google, amazon, etc., and it continues to generate traffic.

Over the years he has continued to build assets that have compounded on themselves. That is why he does SEO, Kindle Publishing, which ultimately made him purchase Airwaves in 2020 after making his first exit in the same year. Which also happened to be a search marketing business, and the same mindset applied.

The cryptocurrency side was very similar, where he was exploring investment opportunities and yield farming came across as very appealing because he woke up every day and saw new assets created.

Ultimately, that’s his macro mindset as a business owner, it’s not necessarily the business itself, but developing online properties. He and his team also do that for clients to scale their business and develop online properties.

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